We make logging simple, customer driven and cost-effective.

Logging doesn't have to be so hard or costly. Logband provides a compliance-focused logging solution that enables your team to move fast whilst serving your customers. Identify problematic trends and critical issues before they cause customer anguish by using Logband+.

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Your first 100GB of logging is free.


All plans have 1 Year retention as a minimum, in order to comply with PCI DSS.*

You may choose to delete logs later than this as long as you include Logband+.

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BYO Hosts, Containers, Unicorns....

All plans allow ingress from Unlimited hosts. No additional fees.*

Our log ingress platform supports common platforms like Syslog, Statsd, Docker, HTTP and more...

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StoragePriceWith Logband+
100GB$0 / forever$5 / month
+ 100GB (under 1TB)+ $10 / monthFree
+ 100GB (Over 1TB)+ $5 / monthFree

Logband+ (Coming Soon)

Our AI based anomaly detection suite enables your team to identify trends and prevent outages.

Available if you are over 100GB of logs or opt to include LogBand+.

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No Retrieval Costs

We do not charge for retrieval of your logs at any time.

You can download up to your retention limit without any fees from Logband.

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