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We make logging simple, customer driven and cost-effective.

Logging doesn't have to be so hard or costly. LogBand provides a solution-focused logging solution that enables your team to move fast whilst serving your customers. Identify problematic trends and critical issues before they cause customer anguish by using LogBand Sierra.

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Your first 100GB is free.

Ingest from anywhere.

We don't charge for number of hosts or incoming bandwidth.

Pay only for logs stored. Our log ingress system supports all common platforms through a number of adaptors. Bring your logs, and we'll give them a home.

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Audit-friendly retention periods.

All ingested logs are automatically retained for one year at no additional charge.

No more 15 day retention periods. Comply with PCI Log Audit Requirements instantly. You can extend your log retention by the year at any time. Live log searching is available for up to 90 days from ingest. Log searches on older data can take up to 12 hours.

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LogBand Pricing

StoragePriceWith Logband Sierra
Per GB$0.10 / month+$3 / month
Example: 100GB / month $10 / month+$3 / month
Example: 1000GB / month$100 / month+$3 / month

A minimum commitment of 100GB/month applies. Past 100GB, simply pay by gigabytes stored. Even if you cancel at the end of the month, your logs will be retained for the full year.

LogBand Sierra (Coming Soon)

Our AI based anomaly detection suite enables your team to identify trends and prevent outages.

LogBand Sierra is a flat $3 / month fee, with no additional charge per GB.

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Export your logs.

We charge a simple per GB fee.

You can download your logs in 6 hour blocks. No additional data transfer fees are charged. We'll always show you the cost before submitting your request.

Log Searches (last 90 days)0c / GB
Log Searches (over 90 days)1c / GB scanned
PAYG Data Export15c / GB
Reserved Data Export1c / GB
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Log.band is a product operated by Alexander Nicholson as a Sole Trader.

Phone Number: +610290556269
Email Address: [email protected]
Director of Operations: Alexander Nicholson

Additional fees: None
Exchanges & Returns: Sales of digital products are final and no refunds are available.
Delivery Times: Digital products are available for use after payment is confirmed.
Accepted Payment Methods: Credit cards (Stripe)
Payment Period: Credit card payments are processed immediately.
Value: Each GB of logging usage is $0.20. A minimum fee of $20 for 100GB of log storage applies. A 15c per GB charge applies when logs are exported.